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Sale! soft dreamer mattress

Soft Dreamer Mattress

$389.04$778.08 $218.26$455.71

Sale! Much Better Nights of Sleep With Cool Gel Max

Cool-Gel Max Mattress

$745.21$1,176.26 $395.43$610.96

Sale! Pureflex Pillow-Top Mattress

Pureflex Pillow-Top Mattress

$873.06$1,371.69 $459.36$708.68

Sale! avalon-euro-top

Avalon Euro Top Mattress

$343.38$732.42 $194.52$389.04

Sale! chiro-care

Chiro Care Mattress

$566.21$922.37 $305.94$484.02

Sale! heavenly-comfort

Heavenly Comfort Mattress

$345.21$730.59 $195.43$388.13

Sale! Cool-Gel Euro-Top Mattress

Cool-Gel Euro-Top Mattress

$865.75$1,369.86 $455.71$707.76

Sale! presidents-euro-top

President’s Euro-Top Mattress

$779.91$1,231.05 $412.79$638.36

Sale! soft-impression-4

Soft Impression IV Mattress

$425.57$834.70 $235.62$440.18

Sale! new-impression-3

New Impression III Mattress

$365.30$955.25 $259.36$500.46

Sale! pureflex-plush-top

Pureflex Plush Top Mattress

$829.22$1,320.55 $437.44$683.11

Sale! Visco Memory Foam

10″ VISCO Foam Mattress

$763.47$1,187.21 $404.57$616.44

Sale! presidents-plush

President’s Plush Mattress

$688.58$1,048.40 $367.12$547.03

Sale! new-21st-century

New 21st Century Mattress

$454.79$913.24 $250.23$479.45

Full Size Mattress Sale

Mattresses are nowadays manufactured in various sizes such as queen, king, full, or even twin. The different mattress sizes are designed to suit specific individuals by satisfying their diverse needs. Various factors may make you to choose a particular kind of mattress. In our mattress stores located in Los Angeles and Orange county, CA, we have various types of full-size mattresses. A decade ago, the full mattresses were used by couples but nowadays they are designed to suit the single sleepers who prefer a spacious mattress.

Types Of Full Mattresses Offered In Our Stores

1. Memory Foam Full Size Mattress.

This type of mattress is designed to give our clients great comfort that gives them extra softness when they are sleeping. This mattress has density and pressure ranges that provide our customers a great variety to choose from.

2. The Full Sized Mattress Made From Latex.

This type is very similar to the memory foam. It is usually made from natural or synthetic rubber. There are various thickness of this kind of mattress and the main advantages of full-size mattress made from these material are;

• They do not give unpleasant odors.
• They do not retain a person’s body heat.
• They give our customers a soft experience of sleep.
• They are very comfortable.

3. Full-Size Mattress Made From Feathers.

This type of mattress gives our customers a luxurious sleeping experience since they are made from feathers and very soft materials. You cannot compare the sleeping experience and softness offered by this kind of material to any other.

4. Full Size Mattress Made Of Wool.

This wool full-sized mattress is firm and soft. They are designed with specific fibers that make them very durable.

What Clients Should Consider When Purchasing The Mattresses.

i. Comfort levels.

For the customers who want to get ultimate comfort in their sleep, we advise them to get the full-size mattress made from feathers in our stores in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. These mattresses can be easily maintained.

ii. Durability

When purchasing a full-size mattress, always consider its durability. Always have in mind that there are several other duplicate products flooded in the market when purchasing. Make sure that the mattress has the perfect density that will suit all your needs and ensure that it is made from premium quality materials. In our Los Angeles and Orange County stores, our customers can get the latex full mattress that will adapt to their body shapes and also minimize general movements.

iii. To Ease The Muscle Pains.

For the people who have trouble with muscle pain and fatigue, the memory foam mattress would be the best option for them because it will take the shape of your body and will minimize the movements as you sleep.

iv. Warmth.

Wool full size mattress could be the best option for the individuals in cold regions since it will provide a great cushion and warmth to your sleep.

v. The Comfort Level.

Get a mattress that will give you ultimate comfort because you approximately spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. Ensure you get a mattress that will make you relax all night long and give you strength to start a new day without fatigue or muscle pain.

vi. Cost

Compare the type of full size mattresses you wish to purchase. Getting a very expensive full mattress does not assure you quality thus be wise when choosing.


In our Los Angeles and Orange County, we have a vast variety of full size mattress sales. You can choose the mattress that you want based on your preferences. We provide mattresses of the highest quality at reasonable prices so choose quality and get the value for your money today.

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