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Sale! soft dreamer mattress

Soft Dreamer Mattress

$389.04$778.08 $218.26$455.71

Sale! Much Better Nights of Sleep With Cool Gel Max

Cool-Gel Max Mattress

$745.21$1,176.26 $395.43$610.96

Sale! Pureflex Pillow-Top Mattress

Pureflex Pillow-Top Mattress

$873.06$1,371.69 $459.36$708.68

Sale! avalon-euro-top

Avalon Euro Top Mattress

$343.38$732.42 $194.52$389.04

Sale! chiro-care

Chiro Care Mattress

$566.21$922.37 $305.94$484.02

Sale! heavenly-comfort

Heavenly Comfort Mattress

$345.21$730.59 $195.43$388.13

Sale! Cool-Gel Euro-Top Mattress

Cool-Gel Euro-Top Mattress

$865.75$1,369.86 $455.71$707.76

Sale! presidents-euro-top

President’s Euro-Top Mattress

$779.91$1,231.05 $412.79$638.36

Sale! soft-impression-4

Soft Impression IV Mattress

$425.57$834.70 $235.62$440.18

Sale! new-impression-3

New Impression III Mattress

$365.30$955.25 $259.36$500.46

Sale! pureflex-plush-top

Pureflex Plush Top Mattress

$829.22$1,320.55 $437.44$683.11

Sale! Visco Memory Foam

10″ VISCO Foam Mattress

$763.47$1,187.21 $404.57$616.44

Sale! presidents-plush

President’s Plush Mattress

$688.58$1,048.40 $367.12$547.03

Sale! new-21st-century

New 21st Century Mattress

$454.79$913.24 $250.23$479.45

King Size Mattress Sale

Shopping around for king size mattress sale in the Orange or Los Angeles County? We’re here to help. Choosing the right kind of mattress is more important than you might think, as we spend about a third of our lives in bed to try and get enough energy for the next day. In fact, research shows that there’s no other singular piece of furniture used as often, nor one that directly affects your health like a mattress can!

Therefore, it makes good sense to choose the right type of mattress to get the best sleep possible. Yes, you may be getting enough sleep, but the more important question is: are you getting quality sleep? A fitting one eases off pressure from your spine and keeps it naturally aligned. When the body is at its most restful position, one can certainly look forward to waking up energized and fully refreshed to face the day ahead.

Things To Look For When Buying A King Mattress

Durability. The more that a mattress can retain its form over the years, the better. Consider what type of core is best, and what kind of cover will suit you the most. A mattresses’ overall quality is determined by what material they are made out of, the construction and the size. A good, durable king mattress can serve a good 10 years before needing a replacement.

Comfort. This factor should be one of the leading reasons why you will pick a particular mattress over everything else. It can be determined in as quick as 20 minutes as you spend time lying down and trying out various positions; lying from side to side, or from the position you usually sleep in. Keep in mind that there are also different types of mattresses, offering different degrees of firmness and “comfort”.

Type. Spend some time online or at a mattress store and you’ll find that there are different types of mattresses, each with their own pros and cons. Innerspring king mattresses are great because they have many degrees of firmness and back or spine support, while latex and spring mattresses are good for orthopedic reasons.

Come and look around our website for king size mattress types we have to offer. You won’t have to wonder about quality because all of our king mattresses are made of only the best materials, inside and out.

Foundation. A foundation for a mattress is called a box spring, and selecting the right type of foundation is equally important when on the market for a new mattress. It can complement the mattress and even extend its life to many more years.

If you find it increasingly more and more difficult to get quality sleep, then it may be time to get a new mattress. We offer excellent king size mattress sale in both Los Angeles County and the Orange County at largely discounted prices. You will see that the quality of our mattress on display, coupled with the fact that all of our mattresses by size are priced competitively makes us one of the best deals you can get in town.

What’s better than getting a good night’s sleep consistently? Getting the best prices on the right type of mattress that won’t break your bank. The peace of mind that comes with comfortable sleeping and knowing that you got a discount on such an important piece of furniture is truly priceless.

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