Mattress Buying Guide

OC Discount Mattress Store- Mattress Buying Guide

The world of mattresses comes with its own set of terminology, which can be daunting to those not in the loop. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this mattresses buying guide of common terms, so that you can choose a mattress safe in the knowledge that you understand just what you’re getting for your money.

Euro Top Mattress

In essence, a euro top mattress is pretty much the same as a pillow top, but with one crucial difference- it doesn’t include the gap between the foam and the mattress, meaning it’s much more durable, and that initial boost in comfort will last much longer.

Pillow Top Mattress

Guide to Buy a MattressPillow top mattresses are just what they sound like- they come with an additional layer of foam on top of them, so that you get a layer of comfort between you and the springs of the mattress. There will typically be a gap between the foam and the mattress itself, with enough room to fit your hand between.
What’s great about pillow top mattresses is the fact that, in the first few years of use at least, you’ll be getting the maximum amount of comfort possible from your mattress. However, they aren’t built to last- this benefit will wear off over time, and eventually you’ll find yourself with the same amount of comfort that you’d get from a regular mattress.


Instead of adding a layer of foam, quilted covers are sewn directly onto the mattress itself, meaning it is much more durable than both pillow tops and euro tops. For those who are looking for plenty of back support, but still want a soft, comfortable mattress, a quilted cover could be just what you’re looking for. One thing to bear in mind is that taller quilts tend to be softer, whereas shorter ones offer a little firmer support.

Foam Encased

With foam encased mattresses, the whole of the outside is covered with foam supports, protecting the mattress and helping it to last longer. It also gives the ultimate in support all the way to the very edge of the mattress, meaning that you’re able to stick to whichever sleeping pattern is most comfortable for you, without worrying about damaging your mattress. Foam encasing can add an average of 10% more sleeping area to a queen size mattress, and means that you’re free to sit on the edge of the bed without risking any damage.

Coil Count/Spring Gauge

Mattress specifications often include two numbers, the first being a three-digit number, and the second a two-digit number. The former is known as the coil count, and lets you know exactly how many springs there are in the mattress- the higher this is, the more durable it will be. The second number refers to the spring gauge, which shows the overall firmness of the mattress. The lower the number, the firmer it will be, whereas a higher number means more elasticity.

Pocket Coil

The ultimate in mattress springs, each coil comes individually wrapped in protective fabric, to make it last as long as possible. As you’d expect, this means that you’ll get a fantastic amount of support for a long period of time, making it a great investment.

Bonnell Coil

Found in many lower end mattresses, bonnell coils are shaped like an hourglass. They provide a decent amount of support, but aren’t as long lasting as the more expensive springs that you’ll find elsewhere.

Offset Coil

You’ll find that offset coils cost more than bonnell coils, but you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck, as they are far more durable, and provide increased support where it counts.


Some people like a little extra support, and that’s just what verticoil mattresses aim to offer, by including an average of 21% more springs than other mattresses, all the way to the edge. Since less pressure is put on each spring, you’ll find verticoil mattresses extremely durable, with a very high level of support.