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Sale! soft dreamer mattress

Soft Dreamer Mattress

$389.04$778.08 $218.26$455.71

Sale! Much Better Nights of Sleep With Cool Gel Max

Cool-Gel Max Mattress

$745.21$1,176.26 $395.43$610.96

Sale! Pureflex Pillow-Top Mattress

Pureflex Pillow-Top Mattress

$873.06$1,371.69 $459.36$708.68

Sale! avalon-euro-top

Avalon Euro Top Mattress

$343.38$732.42 $194.52$389.04

Sale! chiro-care

Chiro Care Mattress

$566.21$922.37 $305.94$484.02

Sale! heavenly-comfort

Heavenly Comfort Mattress

$345.21$730.59 $195.43$388.13

Sale! Cool-Gel Euro-Top Mattress

Cool-Gel Euro-Top Mattress

$865.75$1,369.86 $455.71$707.76

Sale! presidents-euro-top

President’s Euro-Top Mattress

$779.91$1,231.05 $412.79$638.36

Sale! soft-impression-4

Soft Impression IV Mattress

$425.57$834.70 $235.62$440.18

Sale! new-impression-3

New Impression III Mattress

$365.30$955.25 $259.36$500.46

Sale! pureflex-plush-top

Pureflex Plush Top Mattress

$829.22$1,320.55 $437.44$683.11

Sale! Visco Memory Foam

10″ VISCO Foam Mattress

$763.47$1,187.21 $404.57$616.44

Sale! presidents-plush

President’s Plush Mattress

$688.58$1,048.40 $367.12$547.03

Sale! new-21st-century

New 21st Century Mattress

$454.79$913.24 $250.23$479.45

Mattresses have become a large part of us, our homes, solely because they are used as part of a bed or as a bed in body reclining. Sleep or rest has been proved scientifically to alter our functioning, positively or adversely. This was adequately supported by a study by Krystal and Edinger which confirmed that mattresses do matter (soft, medium, firm). Since we muscle a considerable market share, we have the most high-quality mattress sale going on right now with many different types and sizes in our Los Angeles and Orange County stores that better suits your sleeping habits.

Furthermore, unlike other dealers in mattresses for sale, our prices are at a fraction of the prevailing market prices. We understand that mattress pricing can be an inhibiting factor in purchasing such a mattress or mattresses, especially when it is not pocket-friendly. Our sole purpose is to be able to serve you, our customer. This is for you, not just to be able to rest or sleep, but to do so comfortably.

We also acknowledge that buying a mattress can be a complex matter to some people as one person’s luxury can be another person’s backache waiting to transpire. Luckily, our mattresses for sale got you covered. You can choose from a wide range such as foam and latex if you have allergies, for motion isolation (memory foam mattress), if you want to sleep on your stomach or back and even with other lifestyle considerations you are covered. We have factored in overall thickness, layer height, a gel formulation, cost and other factors in our mattress stores distributed across Los Angeles and Orange County, California.

Mattress Sale and Quality Goes Hand and Hand

With our for-sale mattresses, you literally get served what you pay for. No bad deals. Even though our stores offer mostly standard mattress dimensions like King (76 by 80 inches), California King (72 by 84 inches), Queen (60 by 80 inches), Full or double (53 by 75 inches) and Twin (38 by 75 inches), also customized mattress for adjustable beds are available. In this long line of necessities, we are widely known for, we also offer discounted warehouse prices for our unbeatable high-quality mattresses.

The following are features that comes with mattresses available in our stores. These top mattresses include:

Memory foam - Features an all-foam support core that balances the proper support with pressure relieving comfort Gel Memory foam-gel infused mattress designed to increase airflow and to keep you cool.

Innerspring - Made with a steel coil innerspring support system with various foams and fibers for comfort at the surface.

Pillow-top mattresses - Simply a mattress with a pillow-like layer (layer of padding stitched) on top foam mattress.

Euro-top mattresses - most of the times confused with Pillow-Top mattresses. The difference is the extra layer of padding lines with the edges of the mattress.

So next time you want a certain type of mattress for sale, please do visit our well-known stores in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

Lastly, for a user to be able to buy the best mattress, we highly recommend that an exhaustive research should be done through our online mattress store. In reality, it presents a more viable option compared to shoppers who come to just buy in our physical stores. This can be attributed to traveling expenses, time and other constraints incurred by potential customers. From our business viewpoint, we want to provide a true value for your money. And that is the basis for which our mattresses for sale are the better option for your shopping needs.

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