The average person spends near to a third of their lives sleeping on their mattresses. With so many hours spent sleeping is it any wonder that the National Sleep Foundation says that more time and effort should be put into purchasing a mattress since it can have a direct affect on the quality of an individual’s sleep. Most people, when asked, will say that sleeping on a comfortable mattress is important and certainly critical to their overall quality of sleep. However, most of those same people could not explain why sleeping on the “wrong” mattress could contribute to health and even emotional problems nor could they immediately respond when asked does mattress affect sleep quality?

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Does The Style of Your Mattress Really Matter?

Researchers have found that sleeping on the wrong mattress is more often than not the number one culprit behind aching necks and aching lower back pain. In addition, sleeping on a mattress that is not suited to your specific health and personal needs has been attributed to various stress levels in individuals of all ages. These findings lead us to believe that your mattress can have a direct effect on both your quality of sleep as well as your overall health. Studies have proven that even a very small difference in the support of a mattress can result in changes in sleep patterns and pain levels, which is a clear indication that the mattress you sleep on really does matter and really does make a difference.

With that said, choosing the ideal mattress for your personal and health needs can be somewhat difficult since there are so many different types and styles of mattresses available on the market today. Purchasing the appropriate one has many benefits. To begin with the right mattress will most assuredly alleviate any type of physical neck and back pain that typically results from sleeping on a mattress not contoured to your own body’s needs. In addition, the right mattress can actually lower stress levels and the symptoms that accompany stress, such as headaches, irritability, trembling, nervousness and constant worrying.

Important Facts About Mattresses

effects of sleeping on a bad mattressIn order to choose the right mattress for your personal needs it is important to spend ample time testing and trying out various mattresses. Most mattress stores allow customers to lie down on the display mattresses in their efforts to evaluate the firmness or softness of the mattress in comparison to their own specific needs and desires. With so many sizes and styles, it can take a great deal of time to accomplish this task but is definitely a task worth performing.

Every person’s body is contoured differently and every person’s sleep patterns differ as well. With these two thoughts in mind it makes sense that every person will not experience the same benefits from sleeping on the exact same mattress but, rather, people of different sizes, body contours and sleep patterns require mattresses of different styles and sizes to accommodate their individual body needs. Today there is an expansive lineup of mattresses available in the marketplace which makes research and choosing a mattress somewhat complex. With such mattresses styles as innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, foam mattresses, pillow top mattresses, gel mattresses and memory foam mattresses choosing the ideal mattress on sale can certainly be the equivalent of piecing together a jigsaw puzzle in a matter of minutes.

Every style of mattress presents with its own benefits. Firm mattresses, soft mattresses and medium firm mattresses add to the complex lineup of styles and types of mattresses to choose from but indeed play an important role in that decision making process. It is necessary for the average person to first determine what their personal needs are in order to choose a fitting mattress. Once you have determined your personal needs and liking, then you can narrow down your search for the perfect one.

Different Mattress Styles

1. The inner spring mattress, made with a steel coil innerspring support system, has various foams and fibers on the top of the mattress that provide varying levels of comfort at the surface.

2. The memory foam mattress is equipped with an all-foam support core that balances both support and pressure relieving comfort and a top layer that is made up of memory foam and other comfortable fibers.

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3. The memory foam hybrid mattress takes the support of a typical steel coil innerspring and combines it with the extreme comfort of a memory foam. This innovative technology offers much to the consumer looking for both support and comfort.

4. Pillow top mattresses (also referred to as euro top) are mattresses that have a specialized padding sewn into the top. This padding typically consists of regular foam, latex, memory foam, cotton, fiberfill, or wool. Offering comfort measured at above average levels and pain relief support as well as conforming ability, the pillow top is a favored mattress among many consumers.

How Important Is a Good Mattress?

Life is full of many challenges, struggles and certainly a great deal of stress. Sleeping on a mattress that caters to your specific body contours and individual health needs can greatly attribute to both your quality of sleep and ultimately your quality of life. Our store offers a full lineup of high quality mattresses in all sizestwin, full, queen, king and California king, all at quality discounted prices that will simply not be beat. Shop our remarkable online store today for all your mattress needs. In the long run, your body and mind will be more than glad you did!!

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