Having a healthy sleeping habit plays a critical role in ensuring the overall health of a human being. One of the best products that promote comfortable sleep is a memory foam mattress. In particular, it is one of the most effective products for stomach sleepers. In this light, we introduce to you our company which offers an excellent service that is related to this kind of a mattress. We have accumulated vast experience on the best ways of choosing a mattress in order to give our clients an optimal experience.  For your convenience we serve Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

Memory Foam Mattress

Having a mattress that shapes to your body while you sleep is a great thing. Memory foam mattresses are covered with a layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material (memory foam). These types of mattresses cost more than the normal sprung ones. However, they are considerably better at relieving pressure on the painful joints.

Visco Memory Foam

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Most people prefer foam mattresses, though it is good to know that they do not suit everyone. Thus, you should check to confirm the kind of foam mattress that suits your needs and the amount that you are willing to spend.

Memory Foam Suitability

These mattresses feel very different to lie on compared to the normal sprung mattresses. Thus, it is good to know that foam mattresses are not for everyone as some consider them too hot.

Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

what kind of mattress is good for stomach sleepersMany people consider sleeping on the stomach as their best sleeping position. However, you should know that sleeping on the stomach is most likely to cause harm. This is because all your weight rest on the torso region. Memory mattresses are preferred for stomach sleepers as they help in reducing the pressure on your torso body.

We will however focus on the best way you can get the best sleep possible on your stomach rather than on the pros and cons. Thus, getting a proper support when you are sleeping, helps to promote a relaxed night’s sleep. This is unfavorable due to the amount of pressure that is exerted on your body’s midsection. There are major characteristics to consider though when acquiring a new mattress if you are a stomach sleeper.


Support is the key issue for stomach sleepers. This is because pressure builds up in your torso thus causing a restless night and a prolonged back pain. Thus, to prevent the discomfort and the pain, get a mattress that has great support.

Moreover, memory mattresses are known to offer constant support. This is through the layers of responsive and pressure relieving foam that matches your body natural curves.


The best mattress for stomach sleepers are required to have medium to slightly firmer side with around a firmness of 4-7. This is because stomach sleepers maintain a flat profile that leaves fewer gaps between the mattress and your body. In this regard, a slightly firm to medium mattress keeps your back from throbbing and causing stiffness. This is because a too soft one will cause your pelvic to go down resulting in misalignment of your spine.

Cool Gel EuroTop

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Sleeping with a misaligned spine can make you wake with back pains that can be nagging and reoccurring. Thus, having the right level of firmness is perhaps the most critical factor for stomach sleepers. This is because it prevents and eliminates back pain issues. However, you should know that even a mattress with a slightly wrong firmness level could result to significant pains.

Stomach Sleepers Pillow

As a shopper, you should put more awareness in selecting the right pillow as you do with the mattress. Flatter pillows suit stomach sleepers, though there are many different pillows with different densities and styles. This is because stomach sleepers require pillows that help keep their body as flat as possible.

Moreover, it is important to use a pillow that maintains the position from you head to your toe. This is because your body lays flat against the mattress. In this regard, an overstuffed pillow can raise the head too much and cause spinal misalignment or a pressure point on your neck.


The value of healthy sleeping cannot be underestimated. Our mattress store associates are going to assist you to make an informed decision concerning a foam mattress. Our greatest advantage is that we offer discounter mattresses which are still of high quality. In addition to that, we provide cost-effective prices. If you live in Los Angeles or Orange County, call us right away. Our dedicated customer service will respond back and assist you.

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